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Musical in two acts by Roman Ignatiev (16+)
The premiere took place on October 6, 2023
Big stage
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Theater presented the world premiere of the musical "Frankenstein". Composer Roman Ignatiev, the author of such hits of the musical theater as the musicals Anna Karenina, Monte Cristo and Count Orlov, and the winner of the Golden Mask award Alexei Frandetti, the chief director of the Lenkom Theater Mark Zakharova, are working on the production.

The world bestseller - Mary Shelley's novel "Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus" has repeatedly become a source of inspiration for cinema, animation, drama and music scene. Russian authors turned to this work for the first time in the history of the national theater. On the one hand, the new original musical will continue the tradition of the gothic novel, continuing the line of "dark romanticism" started by such hits as "Jekyll and Hyde" and "Dance of the Vampires". On the other hand, the performance will be created in the genre of "concept musical" like "Cabaret", "Spring Awakening" and the works of Stephen Sondheim, which require from the performers not only brilliant vocal technique, but also the highest level of dramatic skill.

In the musical by Roman Ignatiev and Alexei Frandetti, the action of the famous novel about Frankenstein is moved to the 70s of the last century, which supports the main musical and stylistic decision of the performance: classic rock and roll. “Everything is possible” is proclaimed by the heroes at the very beginning, and this call brings the central character to the point of no return, when a person begins to consider himself the Creator, the Creator of the highest life. But is it really so? It is this question that the heroes of the musical "Frankenstein" will seek the answer to.

The creative team of the creators of the performance is Alexey Nefedov (music director and conductor of the most striking performances in the musical genre that have been staged on the stage of the Musical Comedy Theater in different years). The production designer of the project will be Anastasia Pugashkina (her most famous works are Sweeney Todd, the Maniac Barber of Fleet Street, Onegin, Cabaret, etc.). Choreographer - Svetlana Khoruzina (choreographer of the TV show "Big and Small", "Big Musical", author of the choreography of the performances "Cabaret", "Ordinary Miracle", etc.). Video artist - Ilya Starilov, who created video design for the performances of the Bolshoi and Mariinsky theaters, the Taganka Theater and many others.

Staging group:

Stage director and author of the libretto - Alexey Frandetti
Musical director and conductor - Alexey Nefyodov
Scenography - Anastasia Pugashkina
Choreographer - Svetlana Khoruzina
Lighting designer — Ivan Vinogradov
Animator - Ilya Starilov
Sound designer — Valentin Shishkin
Make-up artist - Tatyana Velichkina
Director assistant — Oksana Antonenko
Choreographer assistant — Ivan Dremin
Assistant music director and vocal teacher - Elena Bulanova

Characters and Performers:

Robert Walton, Sea Captain

Alexander Lenogov
laureate of International competitions

Vladimir Sadkov
laureate of the International Competition,
winner of the Golden Soffit Award

Victor Frankenstein, a young scientist

Yaroslav Bayarunas

Vadim Michman

Creation / Sentenced

Kirill Gordeev
winner of the Golden Soffit Award

Alexey Shtykov
laureate of the International Competition

Elizabeth Lavenza, Victor fiancee

Aliya Agadilova
winner of the Golden Soffit Award

Yulia Dyakina
winner of the Golden Mask and Golden Soffit Awards

Ksenia Lazarevich

Henri, Frankenstein family friend, priest

Alexander Sukhanov

Evgeny Shirikov
is a laureate of the International Competition

Victor father

Alexander Bayron
Honored Artist of Russia,winner of the Golden Soffit Award

Vladimir Yarosh
laureate of the International Competition

Victor mother

Polina Tikhonova (chorus artist)

Yulia Shereshovets (chorus artist)

Agatha, a young peasant woman

Elizaveta Belousova
laureate of International competitions

Ekaterina Lepilina

The blind man, Agatha father

Sergey Braga
laureate of the International Competition

Vitaly Golovkin

Justine Moritz, nanny of William

Agata Vavilova
winner of the Golden Mask Award

Anastasia Vishnevskaya
laureate of International competitions

William Frankenstein, Victor younger brother

Makar Avdeev
Daniel Abdul Rahim
Alexey Golovanov
Alexey Knyaginin

Male ensemble

Pavel Grishin
Alexander Kanev (swing)
Nikolai Karsh
Denis Konovalov
Marat Ramov
Arseniy Skurikhin
Andrey Suntsov

Female ensemble

Vladislava Kozlovskaya
Maria Makeeva (swing)
Maria Martirosyan
Alexandra Natsepinskaya
Anastasia Mediatnikova
Julia Reznor
Anna Cherezova

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