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Gordeev Kirill

Born in Moscow. In 2009 he graduated from GITIS as «Actor of musical theatre» (Faculty of musical theatre, the course of G.P. Ansimov). His career began with the dramatic theatre «Revelation», and a year later moved to the Musical Theatre under the direction of G.A. Chikhachev. 

In 2012 he took part in the play «I'm Edmond Dantes» (directed by E. Druginyn). In the same year he returned to the dramatic theatre. In «Gondla» directed by A. Smolyakov he played the role of Lage. Since 2013, Kirill takes the part of Gray in the musical «Scarlet Sails» by M.Dunaevsky. 

Since 2011 he takes part in the performances of the St. Petersburg Theatre of Musical Comedy. From 2011 to 2014 he played the part of Herbert in «Dance of Vampires» the musical. Currently Kirill is involved in children's musical performance «Aladdin» (Jafar), in the concert «Hits of Broadway», musical comedy «Hollywood diva» (Tino Taciano).