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Shirikov Evgeny

Was born in Vologda. He graduated from SPbGATI them. Cherkasova, a course of rock opera artists under the direction of Professor VI Podgorodinsky. Winner of the Young Talent Contest in 2010.
Participated in the play "West Side Story" of the Moscow Art Theater. A. P. Chekhov.

Performed major roles in the productions of "Sounds of Music" (Rolf), "Little Mermaid" (Flotsam), "Scarlet Sails" (Menners), "Beauty and the Beast" (Gaston), "Pola Negri" (Prince Mdivani) and the circus musical " Alice "(Hatter). He plays in the performances of the "Rock Opera" Theater (St. Petersburg): "Juno and Avos", "Jesus Christ the Superstar", "Romeo and Juliet". Performs the role of Mr. X in the musical "The Princess of the Circus" (Moscow Theater of Musical).

Works in films and on television: musical performance "Dance" and the film "Portrait" (scoring); roles in serials and serial films "Vasilievsky Island", "Dangerous Rival", "Beautiful Life", "Melody for Two Voices", "Kitchen", "Second Sight", "Evil Joke", "Double Life"; full-length film "Champions" (Fedorov), the film "I live" ("The Northern Crown", participant of the international festival "Mirror" named after AA Tarkovsky).
A regular participant of annual concerts on the Children's Day, organized by the Russian charitable foundation "Northern Crown". Repeatedly performed in duets with Russian pop stars, including Iosif Kobzon, Lev Leshchenko, Jasmine, Elvira T. A participant in creative workshops for orphans organized by the "Northern Crown".

Since 2018 he takes part in the performances of the St. Petersburg Theatre of Musical Comedy.

He plays the part of Edmond Dantes in «The Count of Monte Cristo» by F. Wildhorn.