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INTERNATIONAL GALA OF OPERetta STARS "All for women, all for women!"

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On the first days of spring, March 6, 7 and 8, 2022, the Musical Comedy Theater invites you to festive concerts dedicated to International Women's Day on March 8.

The brilliant festival of operetta, which year by year adorns the repertoire of the Theater of Musical Comedy, is loved and always awaited by fans of the light genre.

The main feature of the spring concerts is the opportunity to see the orchestra in all its glory on the stage, usually located in the orchestra pit. At the behest of the wand of the chief conductor, Honored Artist of Russia Andrey Alekseev, the musicians will take the audience from Russia of the 21st century to Hungary and Austria, France and Italy of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, where the minx operetta originated and reigned for several decades.

Another unique feature of the holiday concerts is the musical kaleidoscope, in which the beloved "Silva" and "The Merry Widow", "Mr. X" and "The Bat" coexist with new, often performed for the first time in Russian, arias from little-known operettas. So, in the 2022 program, for example, there will be a fragment of the French operetta Gypsy Songs, previously unperformed numbers from Oscar Strauss’s operetta A Woman Who Knows What She Wants, or Manon, the groovy Mimosa’s Laughter from the musical comedy by Sidney Jones "Geisha", tango from Niko Dostal's operetta "Monica" and that's not all!

Among the participants, the audience of the Theater of Musical Comedy will be able to see the winner of the prestigious International Music Festival-Competition. Georg Ots - artist from Belarus Evgenia Krokhina, as well as leading soloists of the Moscow Operetta Theater Nikolai Semenov and Alexander Babik.

But the main intrigue of the concerts is the participation in the program of well-known artists from the troupe of the musical, who are familiar to theater fans from a completely different side and, until recently, knew the operetta only as spectators.

And, of course, every evening on stage are the brilliant artists of the classical theater troupe - elegant and spectacular soloists, virtuoso stunt performers, as well as ballet dancers.

So, if you want to get to know the operetta better, choose an evening at the Musical Comedy Theater and prepare your hands for incessant applause!

Staging group:

Stage director and choreographer - Vladimir Romanovsky

Musical Director and Conductor - Honored Artist of Russia Andrey Alekseev

Scenography - Irina Dolgova

Lighting designer - Denis Solntsev

Animator - Anastasia Andreeva

Characters and Performers:


Laureates of international competitions

Alexander Babik (Moscow Operetta Theatre)
Nikolai Semyonov (Moscow Operetta Theater)
Evgeniya Krokhina (Belarusian Academic Musical Theatre)


Manana Gogitidze
Winner of the Golden Mask Award

Kirill Gordeev
laureate of the "Golden Soffit" award

Vera Sveshnikova
Soloists of the St. Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy:
Honored Artists of Russia

Alexander Bayron
laureate of the "Golden Soffit" award

Svetlana Lugova
laureate of the "Golden Soffit" award

Oleg Fleer
Honored Artist of Ukraine

Laureates of international competitions

Anna Bulgak
Roman Vokuev
Ivan Korytov
Winner of the Golden Mask Award
Tamara Kotova
Alexander Krukovsky
laureate of the "Golden Soffit" award
Oksana Krupnova
Victoria Moon
Fedor Osipov
Oleg Romashin
Natalya Savchenko
Natalya Yakimova

Ballet dancers and theater orchestra

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