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Bayader - is replaced by Womanish Revolt

Operetta in two acts by Imre Kalman ()
Opening night of the performance took place on 14th of April 2007.
The performance is recommended for viewers aged 12 and above
Big stage

“Bayader” libretto was given to Imre Kalman by young librettists Julius Brammer and Alfred Grunwald. They proposed unusual but already coming into fashion plot based on the oriental theme – theme of the East. Main hero is impressive and quite unpredictable Indian prince Radjami. In this time the whole Europe was fascinated with oriental exotics. On the screen appeared alluring titles such as “Harakiri”, “Indian tomb” with famous film hero Konrad Feidt and also films with participation of Douglas Ferbegs and Mary Pikford. Beautiful music by Kalman again charmed listeners with its sincere beauty of melodies, not being based on the Indian melodies. Composer created his own “oriental” tunes conquering with spicy passion of the East. On the next day after premiere, which took place in Vienna Karl-Theater on the 3rd of December 1921, on the streets of Vienna people were singing wonderful Radjami’s aria “Oh, Bayader”.

Besides, in new operetta Kalman finely used rhythms of also coming into fashion American dances – two-step, foxtrot and shimmy. And again, as usual in Kalaman’s operettas, there is a story about love. Indian prince Radjami ardently falls in love with artist of Paris variety theatre Odetta Darimond and wants to marry her. On his way stands different obstacles. One of them threatens to turn over the fate of the hero – strict Indian law forbidden Indian princes to marry foreigners, otherwise they lost the right to get to the throne. But this and all other obstacles get broken coming across the unconquerable power of Radjami’s love. He refuses from the throne and marries his beloved.

Staging group:

Libretto by Julius Brammer and Alfred Grunwald
Directed by Miklos Gabor Kerenyi (Hungary)
Russian text — Andras Kozma
Lyrics — Yury Dimitrin
Musical leader and conductor — Andrey Alekseev
Conductor — Maksim Alekseev
Art-designer — Erzebet Turi (Hungary)
Costumes designer — Rita Velich (Hungary)
Ballet master — Gyorgy Gesler (Hungary)
Chorus master — Alexey Nefedov
Assistant director - Tamás Bori (Hungary)

Characters and Performers:


Oksana Krupnova
laureate of International competition

Katazhina Matskevich
laureate of "Golden Sofit" award,
laureate of International competitions

Karina Chepurnova
laureate of "Golden Sofit" award,
laureate of International competitions


Oleg Korzh

Fedor Osipov
laureate of International competition

Alexander Trofimov
laureate of International competition


Anastasia Loshakova
laureate of International competition


Anton Oleynikov
honoured actor of Russia,
laureate of "Golden Sofit" award

Vladimir Sadkov
laureate of International competition

Vladimir Yarosh
laureate of International competition


Ivan Korytov
laureate of "Golden Mask" award

Alexander Lenogov
laureate of International competition

Dmitry Petrov
laureate of International competition


Alina Alekseeva
honoured actress of Russia

Svetlana Lugova
honoured actress of Russia,
laureate of "Golden Sofit" Award

Tatyana Taranetz
laureate of International competition,
laureate of "Golden Sofit" Award


Alexander Bayron
honoured artist of Russia,
laureate of "Golden sofit" award

Viktor Krivonos
national artist of Russia


Eugeny Tilicheev
honoured artist of Russia

Alexander Shaporov


Pavel Grigoryev

Alexey Shtykov
laureate of International competition


Vitaly Golovkin

Dmitry Petrov
laureate of International competition

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