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Krivonos Victor
National artist of Russia

He was born in Lvov. After graduation from the secondary school during one year was working in the factories: Lvovselmash and Lvov electrolmpovom. Then he moved to Leningrad and in 1970 graduated from State institute of theatre, music and cinematography (the first graduates’ class of the department of actors of musical comedy), pedagogue M.G. Dotlibov.

In autumn 1968, before graduation from institute, he was taken to the troupe of Leningrad theatre of Musical comedy where worked until 1974 when he was invited as a soloist to VIA “Singing guitars”. In autumn he came back to the Theatre of Musical comedy. In 1980 he went to the Moscow theatre of operetta. But after two years again returned to Leningrad. In 1987 he was moved to Lenconcert as a vocal soloist where performed in the troupe of “Chamber opera” in the operas “Falcon” by D. Bortnyanskiy, “Rita” and “The Night Bell” by G. Donizetti, “Skewbald demon, running on the sea edge” by A. Smelkov. In 1994 actor combined work in the theatre with Petersburg-Concert. In 2002 he left work in Petersburg-Concert and returned to the theatre of Musical comedy.

In the repertoire of V.A. Krivonos there around 60 parts in classical operettas, modern musical comedies and musicals. Among them there notable: Paris (“The Beautiful Helen” by J. Offenbach), Shamolatro (“Mamzelle Nitouche” by F. Hervé), Peter, Alfred and Genrih Eisenstein (“Meetings in Vienna” and “The Bat” by J. Strauss), Pygmalion (“The Beautiful Galatea” by F. Suppe), Camille de Rosillon and Count Danilo, Arman (“The merry widow” and “Frasquita” by F. Lehar), Raul (“The Violet of Montmartre” by I. Kalman), Tom Sawyer and Sergei (“Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and “Goodbye, Arbat” by S. Banevich), Sergei (“Ohta bridge” by V. Lebedev), Raspluev, He and Silvio (“Krechinckiy’s wedding”, “Garptica” and “Truffaldino” by A. Kolker), Larsonie (“Kidnapping of Yelena”, musical fantasy by E. Bulanova based on music of French cabaret singers), Goras (“Hello, Dolly!” by J. Herman), Gesten (“The ball in Savoya” by P. Abraham), King Babaesh (“Bluebeard” by J. Offenbach), Duriban (“Meetings in Vienna” by J. Strauss), Duke (“The Bird seller” by C. Zeller), Platov (“Lefthander” by V. Dmitriev), Theatre principal ("Spring Parade" R. Stolz), Harrison Howell ("Kiss me, Kate! C. Porter).

Nowadays in the repertoire of the actor there are following parts: Ferry, Baron Frederiks and Parker (“Silva”, “Mister X” and “Bajadere” by I. Kalman), Frank and Prime Minister («The Bat» and «Viennese Blood»  by J. Strauss), Boatswain ("Sevastopol waltz" K. Listov), Dad ("Shoo!" by Y. Dubravin), Santa Claus ("Once upon a New Year's eve"), Apollon Apollonovich Ableukhov («Bely. Petersburg.» by G. Firtich).

Besides creating stage characters actor did much in the popularization of the modern songs, making interpretations of new works of composers whose names are well-known: V. Soloviev-Sedoy, A. Petrov, G. Portnov, I. Tzvetkov, A. Magukov, Y. Dubravin, A. Morozov, A. Kolker, S. Banevich, S. Poglakov, V. Gavrilin, V. Uspensky, E. Kolmanovsky, V. Lebedev, S. Tulikov, E. Ptichkin, O. Feltzman, V. Shainsky, E. Zharkovsky, V. Migulia, A. Kalvarsky, A. Tchaikovsky, A. Gurbin and others.

V.A. Krivonos was a participant of the song festivals “Song of the year”, presenter of the popular TV program “Wider circle”. On the radio actor constantly conducts two cycles of general education programs: “We met somewhere before” (about operetta and musical) and “Forgotten names – beautiful music” (about creatures of composers, ancestors of musical genre).

Repeatedly performed in the theatres and on the stages of many cities of Russia. He was on tour abroad: in Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Yugoslavia, Cuba.

In 1979 V.A. Krivonos was awarded with honorary title “Honored artist of RSFSR”, and in 2005 -“National artist of Russia”.

In 2016 for part of Apollon Apollonovich Ableukhov in the play "Bely. Petersburg" he was given the Highest theatre Saint-Petersburg award "Golden Sofit" in nomination "Best male part in operetta and musical".

In 2017 for part of Apollon Apollonovich Ableukhov in the play "Bely. Petersburg" he was given the Highest national theatre prize of Russia “Golden mask” in the nomination “The best male part in operetta and musical”.