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Matskevich Katazhina (Poland)

Was born in Luban. She started her musical education at the age of 8 in Swidnica musical school (class of piano), and in 2002 she graduated from vocal department of Wroclaw music school, later she was studing in Musical academy in Poznan. In 2004-05 theatre season she was the soloist of Young Opera Singers Academy of Mariinsky theatre. In 2009 she graduated with honours from the The State Conservatory (Academy) n.a. N.A. Rimski-Korsakov (class of solo singing by N. Drozdova-Vayner).

She participated in International competitions of vocalists: Art and Music Competition in Takasaki (Japan, 1999) – 2nd Prize; International Vocal Competiotin n.a. A. Kucigins in Vilnius (Lithuania, 2001) – 1st Prize; Vocal Competition n.a. F. Platown in Wroclaw (Poland, 2002) – 2nd Prize; Vocal Competition n.a. I.Godin in Vrable (Slovakia, 2008) – 2nd Prize. Katazhina Matskevich was awarded few special prizes including prizes of Ministry of Culture and Art of Poland. Continually she participates in vocal festivals of such countries as Poland, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Russia, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Japan.

In the beginning of 2009-10 season Katazhina Matskevich was invited to Theatre of Musical comedy. On 10th of October she made her debut in principal part of Carlotta in comic opera by K. Millocker “Gasparone”. Played the part of Madlen in operetta by N. Strelnikov "The Bondmaid". Nowadays in her repertoire there are: Maritza, Odetta and Teodora ("Countess Maritza", "Bayader" and «Mister X» by I. Kalman), Rosalinde and Countess Tsedlau (“The Bat” and "Viennese Blood" by J. Strauss"), Hanna Glawari (“The merry widow” by F. Lehar).

In May 2010 she became the laureate of International vocal competition n.a. F. Lehar organized in Slovakia (I prize).

In November 2010 she became a laureate of the Highest theatre award of Saint-Petersburg  "Golden Soffit" in the category "Best Actress in a Musical and the operetta" for her performance as Carlotta in comic opera by K. Millocker “Gasparone” and in the same month, in Krakow, she took a First prize at the IV International competition of artists of operettas and musicals n.a. I. Borovitsky.