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The long-awaited meeting with the audience took place today! The 92nd theatrical season opened with the premiere of the play "The Firebird. War songs". In the final, the audience gave a standing ovation.

Buy tickets for the play "The Firebird. War songs".
The ticket price is 100 rubles.

On September 8, the premiere of the play "The Firebird. Songs about War" took place online. 

Dear viewers!

The play "Miss Saigon", which was to be shown in July, has been postponed indefinitely.

Airing dates will be announced at a later date. Tickets already purchased for these shows will be valid on the dates of the show.

You can also buy tickets for these performances - "open date tickets". These tickets will be valid on the announced dates. If the new date of the performance does not suit you, you can return the tickets.

31.08.2020 Congratulations!

On August 29, a solemn ceremony of awarding the best volunteers and the most active partners of the All-Russian action for mutual assistance "#WeVmeste" took place in St. Petersburg. Volunteers helped the elderly and people with limited mobility in the delivery of food and medicine during self-isolation.

35 volunteers and business representatives received commemorative medals of the President of the Russian Federation. We are glad to announce that among them was an employee of our theater - Assistant of General Director Alexander Ryazantsev.

On August 4, the theater returned to work on a new project! Stage director Philip Razenkov and musical director and conductor Andreу Alekseev held the first rehearsal of the play "The Firebird. Songs about War".


Artists of the theater choir under the direction of the chief choirmaster, supervisor and conductor of all the theater projects in the musical genre - Alexey Nefyodov, prepared another surprise by performing a small choral miniature by Franz Schubert "Der Entfernten". Ballet dancer Natalya Burtasova also took part in the video.

Dear viewers! Watch the recordings of our performances and concerts in the special section Performances on the net

Enjoy your viewing and see you in the theater!

22.05.2020 VIRTUAL TOURS

From May 25 to June 4, 2020, the St. Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy provides its online platforms for perfomances of the Irkutsk Regional Musical Theater named after N.M. Zagursky. On the same days, the official resources of the Irkutsk Theater will feature performances of St. Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy

The team by musicals of the Theater of Musical Comedy, led by maestro Alexey Nefyodov, while in self-isolation, recorded a video for the song “Falling Slowly” from the musical “Once”, which was first performed on the stage of our theater in a concert by Mark Seibert in 2019.

14.05.2020 Congratulations!

May 13, 2020 15 years of service of Yuri Schwarzkopf in the post of Director General of the theater turned.


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