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The sea spread wide

Musical fantasy in two actsusing excerpts from the play and part of the musical numbers (12+)
The premiere will take place on May 7, 2023
Performance duration 2 hours 15 minutes with one intermission
Big stage
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The musical comedy by V. Vitlin, L. Kruts and N. Minkh “The Sea Spread Widely” appeared in the repertoire of the Leningrad Musical Comedy Theater in a harsh time, when Leningrad was in the grip of a blockade, and its valiant defenders and residents exhausted by physical and spiritual suffering needed energetic, an uplifting story in which, at last, even within the framework of a theatrical production, the enemy would be defeated. Musical and dramatic material, created by the authors in the shortest possible time, were only invented to a small extent, and for the most part they were written off from real events and persons. The performance, which premiered on a significant day - November 7, was a resounding success with the audience.

In the 21st century, returning to this name, the theater plans to rethink the material, which is clearly tied to historical events, without trying (which, however, is impossible) to reconstruct the 1942 production. The musical comedy “The Sea Spreads Wide”, the main advantage of which was in the unifying uplifting force and patriotic orientation, is a work that is not without relevance in this sense even eighty years after the premiere. Reflecting on the creation of a new production in the absence of modern works for musical theater with a military-historical theme, the theater is considering the possibility of creating a musical fantasy on the themes of this comedy, adapting the text and musical material for the perception of the audience of the 21st century.The theater is sure that worthy examples from the past, presented in a vivid, imaginative and emotional form using modern production tools of a professional theater, are necessary to build the continuity of generations in society, cultivate respect for the roots and give cultural accents to the most important events of national history.

Staging group:

Original play by Vs. Vishnevsky, A. Kron and Vs. Azarov
Music by N. Minkh, L. Krutz and V. Vitlin
Stage director - People's Artist of Russia Alexander Kuzin
Musical director and conductor - Allayar Latypov
Artist — Kirill Piskunov
Choreographer - Vladimir Romanovsky
Choirmaster - Evgeny Takmakov
Lighting designer - Andrey Kotov
Animator - Ksenia Kalinina
Conductor - Honored Artist of Russia Andrey Alekseev
Directors assistant - Honored Artist of Russia Alla Semak

Characters and Performers:

Samoilov, commander, captain 2nd rank

Anton Oleinikov
Honored Artist of Russia,
laureate of the "Golden Soffit" award

Alexey Shtykov
Laureate of the International Competition

Konstantin Kedrov, boat commander

Oleg Romashin 

laureate of International competition

Kapiton Silych, boatswain

Alexander Bayron
Honored Artist of Russia,
laureate of the "Golden Soffit" award

Oleg Fleer
Honored Artist of Ukraine

Mikhail Chekrygin, boat driver

Alexander Lenogov
laureate of international competitions

Vladimir Yarosh
Laureate of the International Competition

Georgy Bronza, boat gunner

Roman Vokuev
laureate of international competitions

Ivan Korytov
laureate of "Golden mask" Award

Elena, Komsomol member

Anastasia Loshakova
laureate of international competitions

Daria Grigorieva


Elizaveta Belousova
laureate of international competitions

Oksana Gogina
Laureate of the International Competition

Evgraf Lukich Chizhov, commandant

Fedor Osipov
Laureate of the International Competition

Vladimir Sadkov
laureate of the international competition,
laureate of the "Golden Soffit" award

Marya Astafievna

Tatyana Vasilyeva
Honored Artist of Russia

Elena Zabrodina
Honored Artist of Russia

Ardalyon Vasilyevich, hairdresser

Sergey Braga
Laureate of the International Competition

Alexander Shaporov

Women at the barbershop

choir actresses

Baltic sailors, fighters of the Leningrad Front, employees of a special department, workers and workers of Leningrad

choir and ballet artists

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