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Vasilyeva Tatiana
Honoured actress of Russia

She was born in Burga of Novgorodskaya oblast. In 1972 she graduated from Leningrad state institute of theatre, music and cinematography (faculty of actors of musical comedy, class by professor I. Grinshpuna). In 1973 was taken to the Leningrad theatre of musical comedy as an artist of choir, in 1975 she was taken to the soloists company.

During her work in the theatre she performed around 30 parts of different characters in classical operetta and modern musical comedies, among them: Stasi, Theodora and Odetta (“Chardash princess”, “Mister X” and “Bayadere” by I. Kalman), Beki, Nina and Kupavina (“Adventures of Tom Soyer”, “Goodbye, Arbat!” and “Turkey fate” by S. Banevich), Zinochka (“Sevastopolskiy walz” by K. Listov), Marinka (“Women revolt” by E. Ptichkin), Klariche (“Truffaldino” by A. Kolker).

Today in her repertoire there are: Stella (“We are from Odessa, Hi!” based on music by I. Dunaevsky); White emigrant (“I don’t know such a country…” by M. Aptekman); Elena (“Kidnapping of Yelena” – musical fantasy by E. Bulanova on the themes of the songs by French cabaret singers); Virgini (“Oh, dear friend!” by V. Lebedev); Angilda and Bozhena(“Silva” and "Countess Maritza" by I. Kalman); Dobrudja (“The Duchess from Chicago” by I. Kalman.); Clothilda Laudeg ("Spring Parade" R. Stolz); Anna Petrovna ("The Bondmaid" N.Strelnikov), Tracker («Bely. Petersburg.» by G. Firtich).

In 1996 T.I. Vasilieva was given the honorary title “Honoured actress of Russia”.