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Treasure island

Musical in two acts by Maxim Koshevarov (6+)
Opening night of performance took place on 15th of December 2023
Big stage
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It would seem - how can a story about pirates and treasure surprise today’s young viewer? Thanks to special effects and advances in computer graphics, the grandiose film epic about adventures in the Caribbean has eclipsed the action-packed novel by Robert Stevenson in the hearts of modern viewers.

But the romantic flair that exists around the theme of treasure hunting, as well as the important theme of growing up - the story of a boy forced, thanks to the trials he experienced, to part with childhood - are those wonderful components of the Scottish writer's literary masterpiece that have not lost their relevance in the century and a half that has passed since its first publication "Treasure Islands".

Playwright Konstantin Rubinsky is working on the stage version of the future musical. From his pen came the librettos of several bestsellers of the current repertoire, and, of course, who else but a romantic poet, intellectual and musician could take on this plot. So we are waiting for the salty spray of the sea surf, a strong wind in the sails, a little mysticism (and where would you be without it in treasure hunting!), a good pinch of irony, signature pirate jokes (“Yo-ho-ho!”) and unexpected plot twists.

The musical part of the performance will be presented by composer Maxim Koshevarov, also already familiar to the audience of the Musical Comedy Theater thanks to his work on the play “I Hate Hamlet.

The production will be carried out by Olga Prikhudaylova, for whom “Treasure Island” will be her second work at Italianskaya, 13.

The musical director and conductor will be Alexey Nefedov, the permanent supervisor of all theater projects in the musical genre.

The theater’s chief designer, Irina Dolgova, who proposed an original and functional stage solution, as well as Elena Zhukova, who is in charge of the future costumes of all the characters, from pirates to sea sirens and ghosts, are working on the decoration.

Staging group:

Libretto - Konstantin Rubinsky
Stage director - Olga Prikhudaylova
Musical director and conductor – Alexey Nefedov
Set designer - Irina Dolgova
Costume designer - Elena Zhukova
Choreographer - Dmitry Orlov
Lighting designer - Valentin Bakoyan
Animators - Anastasia Andreeva, Ksenia Kalinina
Pyrotechnic effects director - Mikhail Loginevsky
Stage combat director - Maria Dobrovolskaya
Sound designer — Valentin Shishkin
Assistant directors - Oksana Antonenko, Svetlana Zakharova
Assistant choreographer - Ivan Dremin
Assistant music director for vocals - Elena Bulanova
Responsible accompanist - Olga Bronskikh

Characters and Performers:

Pirate Flint

Kirill Gordeev
laureate of the Golden Sofit Award

Vladimir Sadkov
laureate of the International competition,
laureate of the Golden Sofit Award

Pirate Silver

Vladimir Sadkov
laureate of the International competition,
laureate of the Golden Sofit Award

Alexander Sukhanov

Jim Hawkins

Nikita Bochenkov

Vyacheslav Ryazanov

Jims mother

Maria Lagatskaya-Zimina
laureate of the Golden Mask Award

Anna Migitsko
laureate of the Golden Sofit Award

Dr. Livesey

Roman Dryablov
laureate of the Golden Sofit Award

Alexander Lenogov
laureate of international competitions

Squire Trelawney

Vasily Glukhov

Andrey Matveev
Honored Artist of Russia

Ben Gunn

Konstantin Kitanin

Roman Prudnikov

Captain Smollett

Alexey Shtykov
laureate of an international competition

Vladimir Yarosh
laureate of an international competition

Billy Bones

Ivan Korytov
laureate of the Golden Mask Award

Andrey Matveev
Honored Artist of Russia

Pirate Jenny

Aliya Agadilova
laureate of the Golden Sofit Award

Ekaterina Lepilina


Natalia Dievskaya

Anastasia Vishnevskaya
laureate of international competitions

Pirate Hank

Alexander Krukovsky
laureate of the Golden Sofit Award

Dmitry Suslov (choir artist)


Andrey Suntsov (pirate Black Dog, pirate Luke)
Alexander Kanev (pirate Blind Pew, pirate Matthew)
Nikita Vokhmyanin (pirate Parrot)
Arseny Skurikhin (Pirate Sam)
Pavel Grishin (swing)

Male ballet

Artem Mezikov
Alexey Savunov
Anton Samigulin (swing)
Pavel Sidorov
Iskander Fakhrutdinov

Female ballet

Alina Gorshkova
Alexandra Guseva (swing)
Alexandra Kosik
Irina Nesterova
Elena Usanova

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