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Tanz der Vampire (Dance of Vampires)

Musical in two acts by Jim Steinman (18+)
Opening night of the performance took place on 3rd of September 2011.

The performance is recommended for viewers aged 18 and above
Big stage
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Famous production, a real hit in musical world, musical “Tanz der Vampire” for the first time in Russia was produced on the stage of our theatre.

One of the most profound film directors Roman Polanski made movie for the popular at those time theme about vampires. Director has created especially beautiful film in which lyricism, mystery and disquieting presentiments are adjoined by humor.

Movie of Polanski was such a success that idea to create musical based on its material arose. This intention was realized by famous composer, co-author of Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jim Steinman and author of librettos Michael Kunze. On 4th of October 1997 opening night of “Tanz der Vampire” took place in Viennese theatre “Raimund”, it was such a success that theatres of various countries became interested in the show. 12 years later Cornelius Baltus realized direction of new version “Tanz der Vampire”, opening of new version took place on 17th of September 2009 on the stage of “Ronacher” theatre.

Nowadays “Tanz der Vampire” is staged in 10 cities of Europe.

Professor Abronsius and his young assistant Alfred are trying in vain to safe people of Transylvanian small village from vampire, mysterious count von Krolock, and his huge retinue. Demonic attraction of count casts a spell over people and they taking the risk to yield to temptation turn into vampires.

  Based on Turner Entertainment Co.’s motion picture ‘The Fearless Vampire Killers’, produced with the kind permission of Warner Bros. Theatre Ventures Inc.
Directed by Roman Polanski, written by Gérard Brach and Roman Polanski
Graphics designed by Dewynters PLC, London
Original production presented in Vienna by Vereinigte Bühnen Wien GmbH
in association with Roman Polanski, Andrew Braunsberg and Rudi Klausnitzer
Set Design of the Original Vienna Production: William Dudley
Costume Design of the Original Vienna Production: Sue Blane
Stage Rights: VBW International GmbH
Linke Wienzeile 6, 1060 Vienna, Austria

Staging group:

Script & Lyrics by Michael Kunze and Music by Jim Steinman 
Additional material: Jim Steinman 
Musical Supervisor, Arrangements Michael Reed (United Kingdom)                                           
Direction created by Roman Polanski (France, Poland)
Director Cornelius Baltus (Holland)
Choreographer Dennis Callahan (USA)
Musical Director and Conductor Alexey Nefyodov
Production Designer, Costume, Make-up & Wigs Kentaur (Hungary)
Orchestrations Steve Margoshes (USA)
Lighting Design Hugh Vanstone (United Kingdom)
Associate Choreographer Vanni Viscusi (Italy)
Lighting Design recreated for Saint-Petersburg Chris Hirst & Matt Daw (United Kingdom)
Sound designer Thomas Strebel (Switzerland)
Video animations: ZONE (Vienna), designs by Kentaur

Russian translation Susanna Tsiruk
Responsible Concertmaster – Valery Prudnikov
Assistant of Musical leader, vocal coach  – Elena Bulanova
Responsible for work of technical and stage management – Igor Kiforuk
Responsible for sound department – Grigory Rarog
Responsible for lighting department – Andrey Kotov
Dance Captain and coach – Ivan Dryomin
Dance coaches – Maria Reshavskaya & Alexander Kanev
Responsible for video projections – Svetlana Varfolomeeva 
Stage Manager – Svetlana Vorontsova and Alla Makaeva

Characters and Performers:

Count von Krolock

Ivan Ozhogin
laureate of "Golden Mask" award


Alexandra Kasparova

Alfred, his assistant

Vadim Ryabushkin

Professor Abronsius

Sergei Sorokin

Chagal, innkeeper, her father

Alexander Sukhanov

Rebecca, his wife

Manana Gogitidze
laureate of "Golden Mask" award

Magda, maidservant

Natalia Dievskaya

Herbert, Krolocks son

Kirill Gordeev
laureate of "Golden Sofit" award

Koukol, Krolocks servant

Anton Moshechkov

Dubles (ballet)

Arltan Andzhaev (Krolok, Professor)

Anton Plavskiy (Krolok, Professor)

Irina Satyukova (Sarah)

Natalia Burtasova (Sarah)

Denis Aizin (Alfred)

Alexander Kanev (Alfred)

Soloists for Nightmare Scene

Andrey Suntsov

Vitaliy Golovkin

Anton Avdeev

Sergey Sorokin

Female ensemble

Anna Pozdnyakova

Oksana Voytovich

Anna Tess

Aniya Agibayeva

Daria Kozhina

Evgeniya Vorobyeva (swing)

Maria Rechavskaya (swing)

Male ensemble

Andrey Suntsov

Vitaliy Golovkin

Eldar Dzhemilev

Vasily Glukhov

Marat Ramov

Anton Avdeev (swing)

Sergey Sorokin (swing)

Female ballet

Irina Satyukova

Natalia Burtasova

Victoria Vyatkina

Anna Payuk

Maria Vasilchenko

Evgenia Dementieva (swing)

Marina Reshetnik (swing)

Male ballet

Arltan Andzhaev (soloist of the "Red Boots")

Anton Plavskiy (soloist of the "Red Boots")

Denis Aizin

Sergey Korzhavin

Iskander Fakhrutdinov

Alexander Kanev (swing)

Ivan Dryomin (swing)

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