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The Secret garden

Performance for children
Musical parable for children and adults in two acts by Sergey Banevich ()
Opening night of the performance took place on 14th of March 2009.
The performance is recommended for viewers aged 16 and above
Studio stage

This play starts as thrilling detective story. Girl-orphan Mary gets from sunny India – to foggy and prudish England, in old castle of her uncle and tutor. Cold and gloomy house plunging into gloom and fears is full of family secrets and ghosts. Feeling very lonely and unneeded for everybody Mary tries to find an escape for herself and her new friends in enigmatic and beautiful Secret Garden…

“The Secret Garden” was written more then 100 years ago in 1909 by American writer, English by birth, Frances Burnett; and until now children and adults all over the world read this book enthusiastically.

Saint-Petersburg composer Sergey Banevich well-known by his wonderful works for children has created music for “The Secret Garden”. New production will be a graduation work of St.-Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy senior Anna Osipenko. Actually everybody in creative team are very young: art-designer Sergey Novikov, ballet-master Dmitry Genis and author of stage version Vladimir Kantor. With great pleasure they started new production creating their own image of Garden: about kindness and love to each other.

Musical leader and conductor – honoured artist of Russia Andrey Alekseev.

Staging group:

Libretto — by Victor Zhogin based on story of the same name by Frances Burnett
Stage version — Vladimir Kantor
Poems — Susana Zhiruk
Staged by — Anna Osipenko
Musical leader and conductor — honoured artist of Russia Andrey Alekseev
Conductor — Maksim Alekseev
Artistic leader of production — Alexander Petrov
Set and costume designer — Sergey Novikov
Ballet master — Dmitry Genis

Characters and Performers:

Mary Lennox

Anna Perminova

laureate of International competitions

Colin Craven

Vitaly Golovkin


Roman Vokuev
laureate of International competition


Maria Makaeva


Vera Vasilyeva

national actress of Russia

Doctor Craven

Pavel Grigoryev

Sir Archibald Craven

Alexey Shtykov
laureate of International competition

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