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Grigoryev Pavel

Was born in Leningrad. In 1993 he graduated from Yaroslav theatre institute by specialisation “Actor of puppet theatre” (course by V.A. Dombrovsky). In 200 he graduated from Saint-Petersburg Conservatory named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov, where he studied on the department “Actor of musical theatre” (class by V. I. Ushmanov).

Being a student from 1995 he was invited in Youth Theatre “Na Fontanke”, where he was performing in productions: “Music sounded in garden…”, “Parvenu”, “Own family, or married bride”, “Night of mistakes”, “Twelve night”, “Kasatka”, “Cryings from Odessa” and others.

From 2000 during eight years he worked as soloist in Musical theatre for children “Zazerkalie”, where he performed parties for baritone in operas: “La Bohema” and “Gianni Schicchi” G. Puccini, “L elisir d amore” D. Donizetti, “Porgi and Bess” D. Gershvin, “Verbum Nobile” S. Moniuszko, “Snow Maiden” N. Rimsky-Korsakov. In operetta by I. Strauss he created two parties – Genrih Aisenstein and Falk.

In autumn of 2008 he was invited to the company of Musical Comedy Theatre. Nowadays his repertoire includes: Baron Malomsegi (“Baroness Lili” J. Huzska), Tsar (“Levsha” V. Dmitriev), Irzi Svoboda ("Spring Parade" R. Stolz), Doctor ("The Secret Garden" S. Banevich), Pelikan ("Mister X" I. Kalman), Negush ("The Merry Widow" F. Lehar), Benotzo ("Gasparone" K. Millocker), Boatswain ("Sevastopol waltz" K. Listov).