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On June 3, the St. Petersburg branch of the Union of Theatrical Workers of Russia hosted the annual celebration “Initiation into Artists.” On this day, according to tradition, young actors who served in their theater for the first season are honored.
The actresses of our theater, Polina Shchinova and Maria Melnikova, took part in the celebration. The general manager of the theater, Yuri Schwarzkopf, congratulated his artists.

Полина Щинова, Мария Мельникова и Юрий Шварцкопф

The State Museum-Reserve "Gatchina" and the St. Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy present on June 28, 29, 30, 2024 the IV International Festival "OPERETTA PARK".

Participation in the Golden Mask festival

On April 26, the play “Peter I” was shown as part of the XXX Festival-Competition “Golden Mask” in the presence of members of the jury of the Russian National Theater Award “Golden Mask”, who came to St. Petersburg in accordance with the current conditions of the festival.

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