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Congratulations on the premiere of the participants and creators of the musical "Peter I"!!!

27.11.2022 Congratulations!

November 27 is Mother's Day in Russia! On this day, the theater held a traditional festive concert! The audience was congratulated by the characters the musical "Alice and Wonderland" by G. Matveychuk, as well as artists Ilya and Andrey Noskov.

19.11.2022 DEAR VIEWERS!

On November 19, Frederick Lowe's musical comedy "My Fair Lady" was shown on the stage of the Musical Comedy Theater for the anniversary of Honored Artist of Russia VALENTINA KOSOBUTSKAYA .


Congratulations to the head of the literary and drama department Marina Godlevskaya on receiving the Legend Award.


On November 4, with a full house and with great success, a festive concert was held for the anniversary of the chief choreographer Vladimir Romanovsky.

Thanks everyone for a wonderful evening!

Congratulations on the premiere of all the participants and creators of the play "The Mousetrap"!!!

From 8 to 25 December - the final shows of the musical "Dance of the Vampires".

From 29 to 31 December - the final shows of the musical "Jekyll and Hyde".

On September 22, within the framework of the IV All-Russian Theater Festival "Other Shores", the theater showed the musical fraud of A. Pantykin "Thieves Carnival" with great success.

On September 10, the legendary musical "Dance of the Vampires" was played for the 500th time!

10 сентября легендарный мюзикл «Бал вампиров» был сыгран в 500-й раз!

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