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Dear friends! 90 years ago, on September 17, 1929, our theater was born. He became the second state operetta theater in our country.

        It was our theater that with its feat during the years of World War II proved the necessity of this genre. The operetta helped the inhabitants and soldiers of the besieged city to survive in those incredibly scary days.
        The operetta genre is close and dear to most spectators in our hall - they can relax their souls, plunge into enchanting music, admire the bright colors of the scenery and costumes and meet their idols. Here you can laugh loudly or cry inconsolably, sharper to distinguish between truth and falsehood, believe in the victory of good and justice, forget about your everyday worries and problems and in your dreams to be in any era and even feel in place of your favorite character.

        For its venerable “human” life, our theater knew the years of ups and downs, but at the same time remained the favorite audience of several generations.

        Today, we can be proud of many of our performances and artists of the troupe who have received high awards in Russia and abroad. The theater is again at the forefront of the best theater groups in the country, both in the operetta genre and in the musical genre demanded by modern viewers.

        There are no "secondary" professions in the theater. And the leadership, and soloists, and artists of the choir, ballet and orchestra, dressers and make-up artists, requisites and installers, lighting and sound engineers, technical services, the household, tickets and security - all serve the same thing, all are equally necessary.

       We wish every theater worker good premieres, let your daily work give inspiration and recognition. And for the artists - memorable, vivid roles, a talented game, enthusiastic applause and the most grateful spectators. Let success and good mood always accompany you!

        We cannot but congratulate the audience on this anniversary day, wish them good health and eternal youth. Let life flow smoothly and happily, like the operettas of the heroes. And we, in turn, will try to please you with new premieres and vivid acting work.

Happy anniversary, favorite theater !!!