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Yuri Schwarzkopf came to the Theatre of musical comedy already more than an experienced leader. There were two diplomas in the asset (of the Moscow Polygraphic Institute and LGITMiK), and years of leadership: deputy director of the Leningrad State Theater of Musical Comedy, director of the Palace of Artists n.a. Stanislavsky and Leningrad Drama Theater n.a. Komissarzhevskaya, from 1995 to 2000 and from 2005 to 2014 the year - the first deputy art director of the Mariinsky Theater, and from 2000 to 2005 - the director of the Shostakovich St. Petersburg Philharmonic.

In the very first years of work, Yuri Schwarzkopf returned the Theatre of Musical Comedy to the avanguard and brought it to the international level. After the main tasks related to updating the repertoire and strengthening the audience’s attention to the creative searches of the theater were completed, under his leadership, cooperation began with the leading directors of Europe and America.

Today, years later, with full confidence we can say that the Theater of Musical Comedy has earned a reputation as a reliable and responsible partner with which the leading figures of the world music scene are ready to deal. The geography of the creative coverage of the theater is more than extensive: Austria and Croatia, Argentina and Romania, Poland and the Netherlands, Italy and the USA. Since 2006, musical comedy has been collaborating with the Budapest Operetta and Musical Theater (Hungary), having released over ten joint productions over the years! And in 2008 - the theater became part of the European Union of Musical Theaters, consolidating its position in the international arena...

It was precisely at the suggestion of Yuri Schwarzkopf and thanks to his energetic participation that the repertoire of the operetta theater and musical comedy expanded: since 2011, large-scale productions in the musical genre have been going on the stage of musical comedy. In total, from 2005 to 2020, 55 performances were released. And this, apart from numerous concerts of various subjects. In 2017, the unique international festival "Operetta Park" was created, which for several years has been held with great success in the open air in Gatchina.

During the service of Yuri Schwarzkopf as Director General, the theater began to receive numerous professional and state awards. To date, his piggy bank has 12 Golden Masks and 19 Golden Spotlights, several Prizes of the Government of St. Petersburg. And Yuri Schwarzkopf’s personal contribution to the theater’s development is marked with the Distinguished Award “For Services to St. Petersburg”, the Order of Honor “For a Great Contribution to the Development of Russian Culture and Art, Many Years of Fruitful Work”, and Prizes of the Government of St. Petersburg in the field of literature, art and of architecture “For achievements in the field of musical and stage art”, a Memorial Sign of the Representative Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in St. Petersburg “For achievements in the development and strengthening of international cooperation”, Prize HDPE Tolubeeva "For the implementation of a series of large-scale projects in the musical genre", as well as Hungarian government award "Order of the Republic of Hungary." In 2007, he was awarded the honorary title “Honored Artist of Russia”. Also, for several years, Yuri has been the chairman of the Board of Directors of state theaters in St. Petersburg, which speaks of the indisputable respect and trust of colleagues.

Describing the activities of the work of the St. Petersburg Musical Comedy Theater over the past 15 years, critics define his creative face as follows: "a glorious tradition and a pulsating modernity, a careful attitude to the origins and a fresh, uncomplicated look at today's day." Vivid performances, marked by numerous professional and state awards, cooperation with leading masters of European scenes and Broadway, active touring activities have confirmed musomedics in the status of one of the most popular and beloved public theaters in the city.