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Online concert for the Victory Day

On May 9, at 7 pm, watch the concert “Returning to Life”, first presented to the public in January 2019 on the Day of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the fascist blockade. In a concert staged by Oleg Korzh, the theater collected fragments from the theater’s military repertoire - scenes and musical numbers. These are classical operettas from peaceful life, and productions, which premieres (there were more than 15!) took place in inhuman conditions of the blockade. “Die Fledermaus” and “Maritza”, “Black Domino” and “Three Musketeers”, “Rose-Marie” and “Silva”, “Love of the Sailor” and “Birds Seller ”, “Circus Princess” and “Sorochinskaya Fair”, “ Wedding in Malinovka” and “The Sea Spreads Wide” - these and other performances were seen by the spectators of the besieged Leningrad and their children and grandchildren will see.

"Returning to life" is not just a concert, but the story of the heroic feat of the musical comedy theater team, which did not leave a single heart indifferent.