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On May 5, to mark the 75th anniversary of Victory Day, the St. Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy planned to release the play “Firebird. War songs. ”, dedicated to the feat of the Russian people, who defended their country in a bloody war, ensuring world peace. In the first part of the new play, the poem by G. Alekseev to the music of A. Kolker “Firebird” sounds. In the second part outstanding songs about the war are collected , arranging in chronological order from 1941 to 1945. Due to the pandemic, the premiere of the play was postponed to a later date.

The director of the performance, laureate of the Russian National Theater Award “Golden Mask” Philip Razenkov addressed the audience, who were waiting for the premiere, until the last without handing over tickets, and congratulated the veterans on the upcoming holiday.

The theme of the war, close to every Russian person, and the piercing lines of Gennady Alekseev did not leave indifferent theater artists. They happily supported the idea of ​​the musical director of the future performance Andrey Alekseyev to read the poem “Firebird” together.