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Death of Albert Pankov


(November 13, 1933 - April 30, 2020)

A man of boundless kindness and charm, unprecedentedly honest and demanding of himself, and at the same time extremely modest and decent - this is how Albert Pankov was known and loved by relatives and colleagues. An artist of a magnificent school, with excellent vocal and external data, the creator of expressive images in the repertoire of both the classical and the Soviet repertoire - he was remembered and loved by the audience this way.

Albert was born in Lugansk. In 1960 he graduated from the Music College at the Moscow Conservatory named after P.I. Tchaikovsky in the class of solo singing (teacher A. Zheleznov) and was sent to work in the Novosibirsk Theater of Musical Comedy, where he performed until 1962, when he joined the troupe of the Rostov Theater of Musical Comedy.

He joined the troupe of the Leningrad Theater of Musical Comedy in 1965, making his debut on his stage in the play “The Heart of the Baltic” by Konstantin Listov. The young artist easily entered the performances of the current repertoire, playing Freddy in "My Fair Lady" F. Low. This was followed by the main roles and serious roles in the operettas of I. Kalman “Maritza”, “Bayader”, “Chardash Princess” and performances based on the works of Soviet authors - “The Polar Star” and “Heroine Required” by V. Basner, “18 years old” Solovyov-Sedoy, “Baboon Riot” and “Wedding with the General” E. Ptichkin and many others.

His ability to create a multifaceted image filled with a real sincere feeling, to find the exact detail, the correct intonation was complemented by natural talent under any circumstances - on stage and in life - to remain a real man. The special dressing of his heroes - Edwin (Chardash Princess) or Averin (The Sevastopol Waltz) - became a kind of visiting card of the artist. And the wonderful diction and unique vocal technique, saved by him until the last appearance on the stage, were a role model for young colleagues.

Albert infinitely loved the theater. And he gave his life to the Leningrad, today - the St. Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy, performing more than sixty roles on its stage! In recent years, the characters in his repertoire have been replaced by characteristic images and small episodes. But each of them, whether it’s Miksa in "Silva", the sprechtalmaster in "Mister X" or the Rothschild from "The Violet of Montmartre" by Imre Kalman, the artist created and performed with such dedication and impeccable attention that it was obvious: theater for him was the life's work , life itself.

The last time on the stage of the Theater of Musical Comedy for Albert was March 18, performing the role of Cecco in the operetta of I. Kalman's "Countess Maritza."

The team of the St. Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy expresses condolences to the artist’s relatives.

The date and place of the funeral will be announced later.