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Franz Schubert "Der Entfernten"

Alexey Nefedov: "The nineteenth century was one of the most unusual periods of mankind. During this period, the whole depth of the spiritual world of man, his feelings and experiences was revealed. The human personality became the center of the universe, dreaming of something aesthetically beautiful. This spirit is imbued with a small choral miniature. Franz Schubert, one of the first romantics in the musical world of that time. Initially, I wanted to record this divine piece only with a male choir. But having met Natasha Burtasova by chance and told her about his idea, together with her I decided to embody the image of a beautiful lover, the ideal image of a woman in a dance. So the idea to make a dance clip was born".

Male choir: Yuri Makarov, Denis Konovalov, Daniil Paukov, Ivan Kiselev, Daniil Kulikov, Alexander Bondarev, Pavel Grishin, Alexander Malinovsky, Anton Stepanov, Nikolai Karsh.

The author of the idea and the creator of the video is the chief choirmaster of the St. Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy, supervisor of musicals, conductor maestro Alexei Nefyodov.

Also taking part in the creation of the video were: Sofia Krylova, Alexander Lackman, Anna Tess, Ekaterina Zernova, Valery Ilyin.