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200th performance "Jekyll and Hyde"

On Monday 28th of October St. Petersburg theatre of musical comedy will celebrates significant anniversary at its repertory. This evening operetta "Silva" by I. Kalman (premiere in 2007) will be shown for the hundredth time.
Written in 1915 and originally bearing the name "The Csardas Princess" (in the Russian version - the "Silva" ) was first staged in Russia in 1917 on the stage of "The Winter Buff" theatre. From the revolutionary years "Silva" was, is and always will be number one operetta . Its brilliant melodies conquering power of love. This is one of the most popular operettas. Therefore, it is often performed in the repertoire of the Theater of musical comedy and was played in the hardest years of the Great Patriotic War. In 1969, in Leningrad, was premiered the Hungarian edition of "Silva" called "The Csardas Princess".
The play, staged in the Theater of musical comedy in 2007 - is another version of  immortal operetta of the famous composer  ( The stage director - Vyacheslav Tsupa). In 2015, the 100th anniversary of the creation of this immortal operetta will take place , and the St. Petersburg theater of musical comedy performances have plans to stage its original version.