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The Csardas Princess

Operetta in two acts by Imre Kalman (12+)
The premiere will take place on March 22, 2024
Big stage
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Nearest performances:
3 August 2024 (SA), 19:00buy tickets
4 August 2024 (SUN), 19:00buy tickets
10 September 2024 (TUE), 19:00buy tickets
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The new production is the theater’s next appeal to the immortal masterpiece of Imre Kalman, better known on the Russian stage as “Silva” or “Queen of Csardas”.

You can make an action-packed film based on the history of the appearance of “The Csardas Princess”. No less exciting is the subsequent fate of the work, which has undergone many interpretations, both from the point of view of the libretto and in terms of directorial experiments. The viewer's love for him remains unchanged under all changing circumstances.

Initially, the author called his work “Long live love!” But it saw the light of the stage in 1915 on the stage of the Vienna Johann-Strauss Theater under the name “The Csardas Princess”. The operetta became incredibly popular and was sold to theaters around the world under a variety of names. So, on Broadway “The Princess” turned into “The Girl from the Riviera”, in England it became “The Gypsy Princess”, in Hungary - “The Queen of Czardas”, etc. And in Russia the name “Silva” was firmly assigned to her.

First shown in the summer of 1916 with actress Elna Histedt in the role of Silva in the then Russian Helsingfors (Helsinki), it was presented in Petrograd in 1917 by the Palace Theater. The production was carried out by Alexey Feona. A little more than a decade later, it was he who headed the Musical Comedy Theater.

“Silva” appeared on the posters of the Leningrad Musical Comedy Theater in 1940. During the years of the blockade, this name was finally fixed in the genetic memory of the townspeople. Since then, Kalman’s work has practically never left the musical comedy repertoire, second only to itself, but under a different name.

For example, in 1954 in Budapest, a new libretto for “The Queen of Csardas” was created especially for a benefit performance of the famous prima donna Hanna Honti, who was already 61 years old at that time. The production of this performance was an extraordinary success in Hungary. The changes to the libretto were significant. In the new version, Cecilia, as Mother Edwina was now called, played by Hannah Honti, was given the main role of the queen of the cafe, the former heroine, Silva, faded into the background, and the roles of Mishka and Feri were significantly expanded, etc. Numbers from Kalman's other operettas were added to the score, since the composer did not provide any musical numbers for the new part in the original clavier. A few years later, the operetta, updated in this way, migrated to the Soviet stage.

For the modern production of Kalman’s immortal hit, which has finally acquired the original title “The Csardas Princess” (although this is another edition of “Queen of Csardas” made for Honti), the Russian text of the libretto has been updated, where the contradiction-confrontation “heroes-society” is dramaturgically intensified, and their sentimental reflections on the past, which lead away from the main conflict, are also “muted”.

Staging group:

Russian text by Sofia Lisach
Stage director and libretto author – KERO ® (Hungary)
Musical director and conductor - Honored Artist of Russia Andrey Alekseev
Choreographer – Jeno Loscei (Hungary)
Set Designer - Tamás Rakai (Hungary)
Costume designer – Eric Kollar (Hungary)
Conductor – Allayar Latypov
Choirmaster: Evgeniy Takmakov
Assistant directors: Vera Dombrovskaya, Oksana Antonenko
Assistant choreographer: Ivan Dremin
Responsible accompanist – Olga Bronskikh
Assistant directors: Svetlana Vorontsova, Yana Gubskaya

Characters and Performers:

Silva Varescu, variety show artist

Anna Bulgak
laureate of international competitions

Maria Vorozheikina
laureate of international competitions
(Moscow Operetta Theater)

Oksana Krupnova
laureate of international competitions

Prince Edwin Lippert-Wellerheim

Andrey Makarov

Fedor Osipov
laureate of an international competition

Boris Stepanov
(Mariinskii Opera House)

Countess Anastasia Eggenberg (Stassie)

Elizaveta Belousova
laureate of international competitions

Oksana Gogina
laureate of an international competition

Anastasia Loshakova
laureate of international competitions

Count Bonifacius Cancianu (Boni)

Roman Vokuev
laureate of international competitions

Alexander Lenogov
laureate of international competitions

Grigory Shafir

Ferry, a regular visitor to the variety show

Alexander Bayron
Honored Artist of Russia,
laureate of the Golden Sofit Award

Andrey Matveev
Honored Artist of Russia

Princess Angilda Lippert-Wellerheim, mother of Edwin

Elena Zabrodina
Honored Artist of Russia

Svetlana Lugova
Honored Artist of Russia,
laureate of the Golden Sofit Award

Prince Leopold-Maria Lippert-Wellerheim, father of Edwin

Anton Oleynikov
Honored Artist of Russia,
laureate of the Golden Sofit Award

Vladimir Yakovlev
People's Artist of Russia
laureate of the Golden Sofit Award

Aurel Ronsdorf, Colonel

Vladimir Sadkov
laureate of an international competition,
laureate of the Golden Sofit Award

Alexey Shtykov
laureate of an international competition

Vladimir Yarosh
laureate of an international competition

Miksa, manager at the Orpheus

Dmitry Petrov
laureate of an international competition

Oleg Fleer
Honored Artist of Ukraine

Marcel, servant of the Lippert-Wellerheims

Ivan Korytov
laureate of the Golden Mask Award

Alexander Krukovsky
laureate of the Golden Sofit Award

Kishsh, notary

Sergei Braga
laureate of an international competition

Vitaly Golovkin


Alexander Kanev

Marat Ramov (swing)

Andrey Suntsov


The performance features choir and ballet artists

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