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Musical fantasy based on the story of the same name by A. Kuprin (12+)
The premiere took place on December 19, 2020
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The theater has prepared a unique project timed to coincide with the 110th anniversary of the opening of the Palace Theater. His repertoire consisted of operettas performed in the large theater hall and variety shows popularized by the cabaret restaurant on the first floor of the building, and immediately became a huge success.

In December 2020, three chamber premieres took place, designed to revive the special atmosphere of the first theater in the building on Italianskaya Street.

"Knock-knock"  in the Pink Foyer - a musical vaudeville in one act based on the operetta of the same name by Wilhelm Shpachek, a famous St. Petersburg conductor and composer, who also worked at the Palace Theater.

"When all life was different" in the Pink Foyer - a cabaret-style concert. The concert was based on the songs of the composer Andrei Tikhomirov to the verses of Nikolai Agnivtsev, a poet who was famed, among other things, as a performer and a frequenter of literary and artistic programs.

"Autumn Flowers" in the Grotto - a musical fantasy based on the story of the same name by Alexander Kuprin, combining a series of romances by famous St. Petersburg composers into one story.

All three events take place in the theater's chamber spaces: the ceremonial pink foyer and the Grotto Hall, which, we are sure, will help create a special confidential atmosphere between the artists and the audience, not separated by the usual stage height and ramp.

Staging group:

Music by Petersburg composers Sergei Banevich, Vadim Bibergan, Anatoly Kalvarsky, Georgy Firtich, Isaac Schwartz

Director and author of the dramatization - Tatyana Taranets
Musical Director - Honored Artist of Russia Andrey Alekseev
Set Designer - Irina Dolgova
Choreographer - Iskander Fakhrutdinov
Lighting designer - Denis Solntsev
Assistant choreographer - Natalia Grigorutsa
Responsible accompanist - Igor Mazharov

Characters and Performers:


Tatyana Taranetz 

laureate of "Golden Sofit" award,

laureate of International competitions

Oleg Korz


Ballet dancers

Alexandra Kosik

Iskander Fakhrutdinov

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