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Womanish revolt - is replaced by Dunaevsky Gala

Musical comedy in three acts by Eugeny Ptichkin ()
Opening night of the performance took place on 20th of March 2011.
The performance is recommended for viewers aged 12 and above
Big stage

Plot of libretto goes back to 411 B.C., to Aristophanes comedy “Lysistrata”, in which author showed on ancient stage strike of womenfolk willing to see their husbands at home, and not at the fields of war. Theme of womanish revolt further appears in world drama repeatedly.

In our theatre this comedy was staged in 1976, and audience of elder generation remember this cheerful performance.

In new version, in recent (if to compare with “Lysistrata”) 1920th years women decided to remove their husbands from home cosiness and to punish them in this way for unrestrained habitual drunkenness.

All play is filled with witty jokes, inventive details and tricks.

Staging group:

Libretto by — K. Vasilyev and M. Plyazkovsky
Lyrics by — M. Plyazkovsky
Production director — national artist of Russia Yury Laptev
Musical leader and conductor — honoured artist of Russia Andrey Alekseev
Production designer — honoured artist of Russia Igor Nezhny
Costumes designer — honoured artist of Russia Tatiana Tulubyeva
Light designer — honoured worker of arts of Russia Damir Ismagilov
Balletmaster — Vladimir Romanovsky

Characters and Performers:


Anna Bulgak
laureate of International competitions


Fedor Osipov


Aleksandr Krukovsky


Elena Zabrodina

Honoured actress of Russia


Vladimir Yarosh

laureate of International competition


Tatyana Taranetz 

laureate of "Golden Sofit" award,

laureate of International competitions

grand-dad Zakhar

Dmitry Petrov
laureate of International competition


Ivan Korytov

laureate of "Golden mask" award


Elizaveta Olisova

laureate of International competition


Alexander Lenogov 

laureate of International competition


Alexander Shaporov

first Cossack

Nikolay Karsh

second Cossack

Vitaly Golovkin

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