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Operetta in three acts by Imre Kalman ()
Opening night of the performance took place on 10th of February 2007.
The performance is recommended for viewers aged 12 and above
Big stage
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In the end of 1013 librettists Bela Jenbach and Leo Shtain proposed Imre Kalman the plot of the operetta named “Long live, love!” After it was renamed as “The Csárdás Princess” and the world premiere took place on the 17th of November 1915 in Viennese Johann Strauss theatre. First in Russia operetta was staged in 1917 in Saint-Petersburg in the theatre “Winter Buff” under the name “Silvia”. “Silvia” – was, is and will always be the operetta number one, its inspiring melodies tell about all-conquering power of love which is not freighted by any obstacles. This one of the best operettas by composer is amazingly loved by audience, it never disappeared for the long time from the repertoire of our theatre and was staged even in most terrible years of war. In “Silva” happens in a way friendly battle of comedy actors and lyric heroes. They properly love and being friends, properly fight for their happiness and have fun. In this battle for that and others helps deeply emotional music by Kalman with its momentary memorizing melodies.

Staging group:

Russian text — Mikhail Mishin and Yan Frid
Lyrics — Vladimir Mikhaylov and Dmitriy Tolmachev
Director — Vyacheslav Tzupa
Musical leader and conductor — Fabio Mastrangelo (Italy)
Production designers — Irina Dolgova and Alla Kozhenkova
Costume designer — Irina Dolgova
Ballet master — Alexander Matzko
Chorus master — Alexey Nefedov
Conductor — Maksim Alekseev

Characters and Performers:


Oksana Krupnova

laureate of International competition


Oleg Romashin 
laureate of International competition


Valery Matveev

national artist of Russia


Roman Vokuev

laureate of International competition


Anna Bulgak
laureate of International competitions


Vera Vasilyeva

national actress of Russia


Oleg Fleer
honoured actor of Ukraine


Vladimir Yakovlev 
national artist of Russia,
laureate of "Golden Sofit" award


Alexander Krukovsky


Vitaliy Golovkin

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