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Concert performance in two acts (12+)
The premiere will take place on 7th of March 2020
Big stage

For the first spring holiday - International Women's Day on March 8, the Musical Comedy Theater prepared a wonderful gift for all lovers of good music: a grandiose concert of the masterpieces of one of the best composers in the world, Franz Lehar.

Legar's works are included in the golden fund of world musical art. And, despite the fact that his name was undeservedly forgotten in Russia for more than half of the 20th century, today his melodies sound on the best stages of the country. And works in the genre of operetta, in which he worked most, are represented in the repertoire of every musical theater that respects itself.

The festive March concerts are timed to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Lehar, the founder of the Neo-Viennese operetta, an outstanding Austro-Hungarian composer, born April 30, 1870.

Magic and charm, subtle lyricism and ironic humor, conquering the melody and humanity of Lehar's music brought him worldwide popularity. His music was loved and is still heard in the imperial palaces, and on government sidelines, and at street festivals, in opera houses and opera houses. The composer wrote 38 works in the operetta genre. But the modern Russian audience knows only a small part of his work: Frasquita, The Merry Widow, Count of Luxembourg, The Country of Smiles and several arias from his other theatrical works, which with pleasure included and include leading programs in their solo concert programs opera and world singers: Richard Tauber, Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, Nikolai Gedda, Placido Domingo, Anna Netrebko, Vladimir Galuzin and others.

For many prominent figures of art and culture, Lehar's music has become a vital necessity. She was admired by the great musicians and writers Sergey Rachmaninov, Giacomo Puccini, Richard Strauss, Stefan Zweig, Hugo von Hoffmannsthal, Teodoro Adorno and others.

The composer, who not only presented his musical masterpieces to the world, but also left a whole collection of aphorisms, encrypted in them a creative message to subsequent generations: “The operetta does not die ... Only those who do not know how to handle it die — stamp lovers and epigones.” Indeed, the music of Franz Lehard outlived its creator and today, one might say, moved into the category of timeless classics.

In a gala concert, the Musical Comedy Theater gathered not only the masterpieces of Franz Lehar, but also arias, couplets, duets and dances from operettas, less familiar to the public. Several numbers included by the directors in the productions of The Merry Widow and The Land of Smiles, which at different times adorned the repertoire of the St. Petersburg theater, will be performed for the first time in the original author's version, being created for such works as Vienna Women, Eve, and Dance of dragonflies ”,“ Klo-Klo ”, etc.

Arias and duets from the works of an outstanding composer will be performed by leading theater soloists and with the participation of ballet dancers.

Staging group:

Musical Director and Conductor - Honored Artist of Russia Andrey Alekseev
Director and choreographer - Vladimir Romanovsky
Artist - Irina Dolgova
Lighting Designer - Denis Solntsev
Animation artist - Anastasia Andreeva
Choirmaster - Evgeny Takmakov

Characters and Performers:


Vladimir Yakovlev
national artist of Russia,
laureate of "Golden Sofit" award

Valentina Kosobutskaya
honoured actress of Russia
laureate of "Golden sofit" and "Golden mask" awards

Oleg Fleer
honoured actor of Ukraine

Anna Bulgak
laureate of International competitions

Roman Vokuev
laureate of International competition

Ivan Korytov
laureate of "Golden Mask" award

Aleksandr Krukovsky
laureate of "Golden sofit" awards

Oksana Krupnova
laureate of International competition

Alexander Lenogov 
laureate of International competition

Anastasia Loshakova
laureate of International competition

Katazhina Matskevich
laureate of "Golden Sofit" award,
laureate of International competitions

Victoria Moun
laureate of international competitions

Elizaveta Olisova
laureate of International competition

Fyodor Osipov
laureate of International competition

Anna Perminova
laureate of International competition

Dmitry Petrov
laureate of International competition

Oleg Romashin 
laureate of International competition

Natalia Savchenko
laureate of International competition

Vitaly Golovkin

Oleg Korz

Alexander Shaporov

Denis Snigirev (Theater "Zazerkalye")

Ballet dancers also take part in the concert

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