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Public concert devoted to Victory Day in the Great Patriotic war

The performance is recommended for viewers aged 12 and above
Big stage

On May 6-9, 2021, the Musical Comedy Theater invites you to public concerts dedicated to the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War.

In the first days of May, concerts will take place on the big stage, in which the theater's artists and musicians will remember their colleagues who gave their lives for victory, honor the memory of those who, despite the cold, hunger and hardship, walked to the theater every evening, along the icy dark streets, in order to instill in the audience in the hall with their art the belief in victory, to give at least a little joy and hope.

Strength of spirit and honor, courage and perseverance, hope and faith in victory - behind these simple and such significant words - the valiant feat of the collective of the Leningrad Theater of Musical Comedy, together with the defenders of Leningrad, defended their hometown during the Great Patriotic War. His contribution - hundreds of performances in a frozen theater hall and thousands of concerts on the front line and in hospitals, sixteen premieres.

For more than ten years, on the memorable January - blockade - and May days, the theater has been inviting veterans, as well as their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, to public concerts. Their program includes bright numbers from the repertoire of the theater of the war years, as well as poems and songs by Soviet authors about the war.

Staging group:

Stage Director and Choreographer - Vladimir Romanovsky

Musical Director and Conductor - Dmitry Savenkov

Artist - Irina Dolgova

Lighting Designer - Denis Solntsev

Animator - Anastasia Andreeva

Characters and Performers:

Participants of the concert

Svetlana Lugova
Honored Artist of Russia,winner of the "Golden Soffit" award

Anna Bulgak
laureate of international competitions

Tatyana Taranets
winner of international competitions,winner of the "Golden Sophit" award

Ivan Korytov
winner of the Golden Mask Award

Sergey Braga
Laureate of the International Competition

Vladimir Sadkov
Laureate of the International Competitionwinner of the "Golden Sophit" award

Alexey Shtykov
Laureate of the International Competition

Vitaly Golovkin

Pavel Grigoriev

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