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Vaudeville based on the operetta-farce of the same name

Stage director - Vera Dombrovskaya
Musical director and conductor - Honored Artist of Russia Andrey Alekseev
Choreographer -  Vladimir Romanovsky
Scenographer -  Irina Dolgova
Lighting designer -  Denis Solntsev

In 1917, on the stage of one of the most popular operetta theaters in St. Petersburg, the Palace, located in a luxurious mansion on Italianskaya Street, 13, the premiere of a piquant play called Knock Knock took place.

The city's Theater Review recounted the content of the new play as follows: “Of the young, and early, but on his own, the careerist Putantsev adheres to the wise rule: the end justifies the means, and steadily follows the intended path. He scatters a whole web of intrigue in the institution, headed by his godfather. And when a storm sweeps over this institution, and the careerist’s godfather is left out of work, then the elastic and resourceful Putantsev gets away with it.”

The music for the performance was written by Wilhelm Spaczek, a talented conductor and connoisseur of the Russian school of composition, who managed to deftly incorporate well-known musical themes - from the folk “Oh, you are my canopy, canopy!” to Tchaikovsky's arias - into his own score.

The Musical Comedy Theater, not forgetting its theatrical predecessor, decided to introduce connoisseurs of the genre to the best examples of its repertoire.

“Knock-Knock” is presented in an abridged version with a small orchestra and only five soloists. One of the theater's front drawing rooms was chosen as the stage for the performance of this simple, but very instructive and completely modern story. Artists and musicians are in close proximity to the audience, who are located in a specially installed “parterre”.