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Concert “Music of my soul” for the anniversary of Elena Zabrodina

Director - Vera Dombrovskaya
Musical director and conductor - Andrey Alekseev
Artist - Irina Dolgova
Choreographer - Vladimir Romanovsky
Lighting designer - Andrey Kotov
Animators - Anastasia Andreeva, Ksenia Kalinina
Assistant choreographer - Natalia Grigorutsa
Responsible accompanist - Olga Bronskikh
Guest accompanist - Elena Bulanova
Assistant director - Alla Makaeva

On April 4, the concert “Music of My Soul” will take place on the big stage, dedicated to the anniversary of the Honored Artist of Russia Elena Zabrodina, in which the heroine of the evening will celebrate two round dates at once - from her birth and from the beginning of her creative service at the Musical Comedy Theater.
A graduate of the experimental department of musical comedy actors, recruited by Vladimir Vorobyov in 1983 on the basis of the Leningrad State Musical College named after Rimsky-Korsakov, she played her first role - Nils in the children's operetta by V. Shainsky "Nils Journey with the Wild Geese" - while still a student. Having joined the theater troupe, Zabrodina performed about thirty roles in classical operettas, musical comedies and musicals and today is the leading soloist.

In her role chart, colorful heroines from Soviet musical comedies (“Womans Riot”, “Grooms”, Wedding in Malinovka”, “Sevastopol Waltz”, “The Sea Spreads Wide”) are side by side in the current poster with spectacular residents of Foggy Albion and other European and fictional states (“My Fair Lady”, “The Mousetrap”, “Tom Sawyer”, “The Merry Widow”, “Circus Princess”).

But Elena Zabrodinas real strong point is romances and songs by Soviet composers: Andrei Petrov, Isaac Schwartz, Veniamin Basner, Valery Gavrilin and others. The way the hero of the day performs Nastenka’s romance from the film “Put in a Word for the Poor Hussar”, the romance “Love” and separation" from the film "We were not married in the church", "The fragrant bunches of white acacia" or "And finally I will say..." from "Cruel Romance", it is impossible to separate from her long theatrical path - the actress does not sing each of these compositions , but lives on stage. And the audience of the Musical Comedy Theater will be able to fully appreciate this rare talent for performing Soviet romance today at the concert “Music of My Soul,” the program of which included these and other works by remarkable composers of the second half of the 20th century.

Elena Zabrodina stage partners this evening will be Peoples Artist of Russia Viktor Krivonos, Honored Artists of Russia Alexander Bayron and Anton Oleinikov, laureates of international competitions Roman Vokuev, Oleg Romashin and Vladimir Sadkov.

The conductor is Honored Artist of Russia Andrei Alekseev.