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Vinogradova Zoya
National actress of Russia

She was born in the village Pogliagie of Penovskiy district, Kalininskaia oblast. She came to the Theatre of Musical Comedy from amateur theatricals. Without having special education for the very short period she rose to the rows of the best and favorite actresses of the theatre and city. During years of working in this collective she performed more than 90 parts of very different theatrical characters - heroine, soubrette, ingénue, comic old woman.

Among them there are the most important: Polenka ("Bondmaid" by N. Strelnikov); Pepitta and Lenochka ("Free wind" and "The Golden valley" by I. Dunaevsky); Katia ("The most treasured" by V. Soloviev-Sedoy); Lubasha ("Sevastopolskiy walz" by K. Listov); Anita ("Kiss of Chanita" by U. Milutin); Inka and Katia ("Polar star" and "Wanted: Musical Star" by V. Basner); Nina Vasilieva ("We want to dance" by A. Petrov); Teresa ("The Grand Duchess of Gerolstein" by J. Offenbach); Erzi ("Gipsy love" by F. Lehar); Marietta, Stasi and Cecilia, Mari Liatush ("Bayadere", "The Gipsy princess", "Mister X" by I. Kalman); Eliza Doolittle ("My fair lady" by F. Loewe); Lois Lane ("Kiss me, Kate!" by C. Porter); Tom Sawyer ("Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by S. Banevich); Duniasha ("Women’s revolt" by E. Ptichkin); Atueva ("Krechinskiy’s wedding" and "Case" by A. Kolker), Virgini Valter ("My dear friend!" by V. Lebedev).

Today her repertoire includes: Caroline and Bozhena ("Mister X" and "Countess Maritza" by I. Kalman); Agata ("Baroness Lili" by E. Huszka); Tereza Hubner ("Spring Parade" by R. Stolz); aunt Dina ("Sevastopol waltz" K. Listov), Lady («Grooms» I. Dunaevsky).

Z.A. Vinogradova repeatedly acted in films where she had created such bright characters as Mabel in the movie “Mister X” and Atueva in musical Tv-movie “Krechinsky’s wedding”. The remarkable occurrence in her film career was work with A. German in the episode of the film “Twenty days without war”. Actress was acting in several movies more but for her theatre always remained in the first place. She often performed on television: she was seen as a hostess of “The blue light” and presenter of the program, telling about operetta history. And on the radio were heard songs by soviet composers, arias from operettas and musicals in her performance.

In 1964 Z.A. Vinogradova was awarded with the honorary title “Honored artist of RSFSR”; in 1978 – “National artist of RSFSR”. In 2005 actress became the laureate of the Highest theatre prize of Saint-Petersburg “Golden Sofit” in the nomination “For the creative longevity and unique contribution to the theatre art of Saint-Petersburg”.

On 28 of February, 2011 the actress was awarded the Audience Award of the St. Petersburg Society spectators "Teatral"  in nomination "Best Actress in a musical play in 2010" for her role of Aunt Dina in the operetta "Sevastopol waltz" by K. Listov. 

In 2014 she was awarded with Highest national theatre prize of Russia “Golden mask” in the nomination  "For outstanding contribution to the development of theatrical art".

In 2015, the Sign "For Service to St. Petersburg" was given to the actress.

In 2016 Zoya Vinogradova was awarded the Order of Friendship "For great merits in the development of national culture and art, the press and many years of fruitful activity."