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Sviridova Valentina
Honoured actress of Russia

Was born in Stary Oskol of Belogorod region. In 1974 she graduated the vocal faculty of Kharkov institute of arts named after M. Kotlyarevsky (class of solo singing by T. Veske) obtaining the profession of vocal pedagogue, opera and chamber singer. In autumn of the same year she entered in company of Leningrad theatre of musical comedy after debut in the part of Valentina in operetta «The Merry Widow» by F. Lehar. During her work in the theatre she performed more than 30 leading parts in performances of different centuries and styles: Frasquita, Valentina and Hanna Glavari («Frasquita» and «The Merry Widow» by F. Lehar), Ninon, Odette, Silva, Dobrudja («The Violet of Montmartre», «Bayader», «Czardas Queen» and «The Duchess of Chicago» by I. Kalman ), Nina («Sevastopol waltz» K. Listov), Helena («The Beautiful Helena» by J. Offenbach), Nastya («Womanish revolt» by E. Ptichkin), Beatrice («Truffaldino» by A. Kolker), Oskarina («Bluebeard» by J. Offenbach), Virginia («Oh, dear friend!» by V. Lebedev), Mrs. Sauerberi and Sally («Oliver!» by L. Bart).

Today her repertoire includes: Angilda («Silvia» I. Kalman), Aunt Polly and Medlok («Adventures of Tom Sawyer» and «The Secret Garden» S. Banevich), Clothilda Laudeg («Spring Parade» R. Stolz), Limonia («Ten brides and no groom» by F. Zuppe), Lady Bolochkova ("Hollywood diva"), Minister («Bely. Petersburg.» by G. Firtich).

She participates in music TV and Radio programmes «Green parrot» and «Forever young operetta».

In 1991 she was given a honorary rank of «Honoured actress of Russia».