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Matveev Valery
National actor of Russia

In 1964 joined the Moscow state Conservatoire n.a. P.I. Tchaikovsky (class of solo singing of Prof. G. Titz). Having concluded the course of studies in 1970, he was invited to Petrozavodsk state musical theatre.

From 1981 – soloist of Leningrad state theatre of Musical comedy. Here he performed about 30 leading parts in classical operettas and modern musical comedies. Among them: Paris («The Beautiful Helen» J. Offenbach), Duke (“ The Drum-Majors Daughter” J. Offenbach), Floridor (“Mademoiselle Nitush” F. Erve), Pigmalion ("The Beautiful Galatea" F. Zuppe), Baron von Eisenstein (“The Bat” I. Strauss), Count Danilo (“Merry Widow” F. Lehar), Arman (“Frasquita” F. Lehar), Edvin and Ferri (“The Gipsy princess” E. Kalman), Pali Rach and Radjami (“Csardas princess”, “The Gypsy Virtuoso” and “Bayader” I. Kalman); Rudolf “Vienesse Meetings” I. Strauss), Singer (“Truffaldino” A. Kolker); Nikolka (“Womans revolt” E. Ptichkin); Linyaev (“Sudba-indeyka” S. Banevich); Killerman (“Not like the others” A. Petrov and A. Kalvarsky).

Today his repertoire includes: King Babech and Baron (“Bluebeard” and "Parisian Life" J. Offenbach), Valter (“Oh, Dear Friend!” V. Lebedev), Ferri, Pankrazy and Frascatti (“Silvia”, “The Duchess from Chicago” and "The Violet of Montmartre" I. Kalman), Duke (“The Bird Seller” C. Zeller), King (“Madame Pompadour” L. Fall), Harry Trevor ("Kiss me, Kate! C. Porter), Artur Noyvirt ("Spring Parade" R. Stolz), Minister and The head of the secret police («Bely. Petersburg.» by G. Firtich).

In 1975 Valery Matveev was given the honorary rank of “Honoured artist of Karelia”, and at the same year – “Honoured actor of Russia”.

In September of 2008 he was given the rank of “National actor of Russia”.