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The Steadfast Tin Soldier

Performance for children
A musical extravaganza in two acts by Sergey Banevich (6+)
The premiere took place on December 21, 2019.
Studio stage
08 February 2020, Saturday, 14:00

Staging group:

Libretto by N. Denisov on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen

Stage Director - Anastasia Udalova

Musical Director and Conductor - Honored Artist of Russia Andrey Alekseev

Conductor - Dmitry Savenkov

Scenographer - Sergey Novikov

Choreographer - Irina Sharonova

Lighting Designer - Denis Solntsev

Choirmaster - Evgeny Takmakov

Director - Sofia Krylova

Choreographer Assistant - Yuri Astakhov

Characters and Performers:
The Steadfast Tin Soldier

Roman Vokuev - debut in the role

laureate of International competition

Beautiful ballerina

Evgenia Dementieva (ballet dancer)


Anastasia Loshakova

laureate of international competitions

Toy Horse

Alexey Shtykov

Laureate of the International Competition


Ivan Korytov

Golden Mask Prize Laureate

Clockwork Nightingale

Vladimir Sadkov

Laureate of the International Competition,

Golden Spotlight Award Winner


Anastasia Simanskaya - debut in the role

Laureate of the International Competition


Valentina Sviridova

Honored Artist of Russia


Alexander Shaporov

Piggy bank

Alexander Krukovsky

Golden Spotlight Award Winner


Ekaterina Maksimova
Maria Martirosyan
Nina Pakhnina
Julia Reznor
(artists of the choir)