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Hollywood diva

16 March 2018, Friday, 19:00

Musical comedy in two acts 

Music by Ralph Benatzky      
Author of the Play - Cornelius Baltus (Holland)
Based on the play "Axel an der Himmelstur" by Paul Morgen and Adolf Schtitz
Translated from the German - Tatyana Schwarzkopf 
Russian text by Oleg Solod
Poems - Susanna Tsuruk and Alla Tarasova
Production director - Cornelius Baltus (Holland) 
Production designer, costume - Kentaur (Hungary) 
Author of orchestrations and arrangements, additional music and its lyrics - Adrian Werum (Germany)
Choreography - Dennis Callahan (USA)
Music director and conductor - Honoured Artist of Russia Andrey Alexeev
Lighting design - Chris Hirst (UK) 
Sound engineer - Tomas Strebel (Switzerland) 
Make-up & wigs - Ute May (Germany) 
Assistant director - Honoured Artist of Russia Alla Semak
Assistant music director - Olga Safronova 
Assistant choreographer - Andrey Karh 
Opening night of the performance took place on 12th of September 2014

At the heart of "Hollywood diva" is unknown in Russia musical comedy by Austrian composer Ralph Benatzky "Axel at the gates of heaven", story which takes place in Hollywood in the early twentieth century. In the center of intrigue - Hollywood actress Gloria Mills and secular reporter Axel, who hopes for a promotion by using Gloria.

The world premiere of this comedy was held September 1, 1936 in Vienna, on the stage operetta Theatre an der Wien. For the main role of the film actress Gloria many stars of film and theater, including Greta Garbo, were invited. However, in the end, the role went to then still an unknown in Austria Swedish actress - beautiful Zarah Leander (1907 - 1981). The very next day she woke up famous. Role of Axel played German actor Max Hansen (1897 - 1961).

The play was a great success and was shown more than two hundred times. Almost immediately after the premiere Zarah Leander has got a lot of attractive offers from numerous studio. And ultimately in the history of art this actress came not as theatrical performer, but as a movie star. In 1937, with her participation on the screens released film, created based on the operetta Benatzky (Russian title "Towards new shores").

All-Russian premiere of the work of Benatzky took place at the St. Petersburg Theatre of Musical Comedy. It was adapted for the stage by Cornelius Baltus, the director of the famous musical "Dance of Vampires".

Cornelius Baltus: "I changed the name of the performance four times and today I finally see an updated play. It can be called a musical comedy, a little operetta, but almost musical, by the special energy inherent in this genre. Together with the production designer Kentaur we recreated the majestic atmosphere of Hollywood 30s . With Adrian Werum we made completely new orchestration and more vigorous scale version and added some new musical numbers..."

Characters and Performers:
Gloria Mills, a movie star

Lika Rylla

Axel Swift, reporter

Ilya Viktorov                                

Theodor Herlinger, make-up artist

Vasily Gluhov

Jessie Leyland, dancer

Maria Pluzhnikova

Cecil Mc’Scott, producer

Alexander Bayron

honoured artist of Russia

Tino Taciano

Kirill Gordeev

laureate of "Golden sofit" award

Dinah, Gloria’s maid

Agata Vavilova

Miss Brown, secretary of Mc’Scott

Eugenia Vorobyeva

Lady Bolochkova, Russian emigrant

Valentina Sviridova

honoured actress of Russia

Stage Director & Inspector Morton

Anton Oleynikov

honoured artist of Russia

Soundman & Hotel Manager

Sergey Braga

Old actor extras & Irving Apfelbaum, judge

Vladimir Yakovlev

national artist of Russia

Charly, production manager & Bab Peppermint, lawyer

Dmitry Dmitriev

Composer & Clark, Gloria's chauffeur

Alexander Shaporov


Chulpan Aymetova

Ksenia Andreeva

Viktoria Barkanova

Oxana Voytovich

Valentina Mikhaylova

Maria Pluzhnikova (swing)

Maria Reshavskaya

Female ballet

Natalia Burtasova

Viktoria Vyatkina

Margarita Dukhlenkova

Violetta Zhigalina (swing)

Anna Pauk

Irina Satukova  

Olga Sayapina    

Viktoria Surovegina

Olga Torop    

Valeria Turova

Elena Shpanova

Male ballet

Denis Borisenko

Eldar Jemilev

Ivan Dryomin (swing, dance captain)

Denis Dryagin

Alexander Kanev 

Sergey Korzhavin 

Sergey Kotzubira

Maksim Permyakov

Alexander Safronov   

Eugeny Tkachov

Iskander Fakhrutdinov

Amarbi Tzykushev

The performance is recommended for viewers aged 12 and above