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Performance-concert in two parts ()
The performance is recommended for viewers aged 12 and above
Studio stage
01 October 2019, Tuesday, 00:00
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The mischievous, frivolous operetta reigns in a luxurious mansion on Italian street for almost a hundred years. And the origins of the genre itself go far back into the depths of centuries - after all, even the most ancient theatrical performances were built on the combination of words, music and dance. Meanwhile, the operetta was considered to be a “small opera” for quite a long time, and only by the middle of the 19th century did it acquire unique distinctive features. Expressive music, love intrigue, spectacular crowd scenes and virtuoso cascading numbers along with comic and even parody content are what admirers loved and appreciated at the dawn of the operetta and what they continue to love in the fast-moving and high-tech XXI century.

Staging group:

Musical Director and Conductor - Honored Artist of Russia Andrey Alekseev
Stage Director and Choreographer - Vladimir Romanovsky
Scenography - Irina Dolgova
Lighting Designer - Denis Solntsev
Artist-animator - Anastasia Andreeva

Characters and Performers:

Valery MatveevPeople's Artist of Russia

Tatyana VasilyevaHonored Artist of Russia

Svetlana LugovaHonored Artist of Russia,Golden Spotlight Prize Laureate

Anton OleinikovHonored Artist of Russia,Golden Spotlight Award Winner

Oleg FleerHonored Artist of Ukraine

Roman Vokuevlaureate of international competitions

Ksenia Grigorievalaureate of international competitions

Oksana Krupnovalaureate of international competitions

Alexander Lenogovlaureate of international competitions

Anastasia Loshakovalaureate of international competitions

Victoria Moonlaureate of international competitions

Fedor OsipovLaureate of the International Competition

Natalya SavchenkoLaureate of the International Competition

Karina ChepurnovaWinner of the Golden Spotlight Award,Winner of International Competitions

Alexey ShtykovLaureate of the International Competition

Oleg Korzh

Alexander Krukovsky

Denis Snigirev (Theater Through the Looking Glass)
Ballet dancers take part in the concert