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Bon appétit, or French Dinner (Kamchatka Drama and Comedy Theater)

Comedy in 2 acts by Marc Camoletti (16+)
Big stage
02 September 2019, Monday, 00:00

French Dinner is a light comedy written by contemporary French playwright Mark Camoletti. The play is hugely popular with the public and is a huge success on the stage around the world.

The heroes of the play, Bernard and Jacqueline, are a very prosperous married couple. Love, understanding, caring are the three whales of their life together. But is their family happiness so cloudless? Jacqueline is going to visit her sick mother, Bernard is left alone for the weekend ... and here we find a tangled ball of intrigue and a secret love game that has long been played by spouses. The famously twisted plot, in which new characters appear, is accompanied by French music and subtle humor.

Staging group:

Director and decoration author - Oleg Stepanov

Characters and Performers:

Dmitry Andryukhin

Vadim Bondarenko

Natalya Voytyuk

Svetlana Dudareva

Elena Zorina

Vladimir Zavarzin

Ruslan Markov

Elvira Ragimova

Elena Stashevskaya

Ildar Khazipov

Vitaliy Shakhmatov

Pavel Shmakov