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December 15 at the concert hall "Nordea" (Estonia, Tallinn) The theater of musical comedy will present the operetta of F. Lehar "Land of Smiles". An exquisite performance in an oriental style was staged by the Hungarian staging team led by Miklós Gábor Kérényi. The leading actors are leading soloists of the troupe Katarzyna Matskevich and Oleg Korzh, People's Artist of Russia Victor Krivonos, Honored Artists of Russia Olga Lozovaya, Svetlana Lugova, Alexander Bayron, laureate of the Golden Mask prize Ivan Korytov and others.

The performance of the Petersburg theater of musical comedy is the Russian premiere of this operetta by F. Lehar, which was never performed before from the stage in full. Meanwhile, the famous aria of the protagonist - Chinese Prince Su-Shong is included in the repertoire of the leading vocalists of the world. Immediately after the premiere in 2016, criticism highly appreciated the balance of the artistic concept of the play and the author's text, noting the luxurious design of the production: "The abundance of Chinese decor and fans does not make perception more difficult, but emphasizes color. A kind of great style in an operetta, which, perhaps, in "The Bat" or "The Princess of the Circus" would seem too thorough, but for the textured, almost operatic music of the late Legar - just right. In this case, the director skillfully weaves into this grand-operette the usual elements of the comedy - cascades, divertissements, witticisms. Everything is done very skillfully and appropriately. "

And already on December 18 - 20 in Budapest (Hungary) on two stages of the Budapest Operetta and Musical Theater the theater will show performances "Bely. Petersburg" by G. Firtich and "Cabaret for Gourmets". Also the soloists of the theater will take part in a joint concert, the program of which will be hits of operetta and musical.

The creative union of the two theaters - Russian and Hungarian - has more than ten years. During this time, more than ten large and small plays were shown on the stage of the Musical Comedy Theater, exchange tours of leading soloists were held, new creative opportunities for the development of the theater were opened.

For the tour in 2017, the Theater of Musical Comedy chose two original pieces, the genre of which is at the junction of the operetta, musical and cabaret. Both performances - both "Belyi.Peterburg" and "Cabaret for Gourmets" were born in the theater and represent unique examples of Russian theatrical art, which has incorporated the long-standing traditions of national schools - musical and dramatic.
The creative team of the play "Belyi.Peterburg" is awarded with the Prize of the Government of St. Petersburg, is a laureate of the St. Petersburg Golden Sofit Award and the Russian national prize "Golden Mask". This performance is spoken of as an outstanding phenomenon in the history of the Musical Comedy Theater. The auditorium, in a single burst rising during the final chords, is a testimony to this.

As for the performance "Cabaret for Gourmets", this literary and musical journey through the restaurants of St. Petersburg-Petrograd will not leave indifferent even the most experienced theater-goer. Filled with humor and beautiful music, an easy narrative about how times and mores in Russia changed at the turn of the century, the theater recommends viewing only after a dense dinner - so "tasty" and appetizing it appears from the stage. In the "menu" of this play - A. Chekhov and V. Mayakovsky, M. Zoshchenko and A. Averchenko, A. Vertinsky and P. Leshchenko, "Bagels" and "Blue Ball" - literary subjects and musical numbers, united by the theme of cabaret.

Interest in the tours of the St. Petersburg Theater in both Tallinn and Budapest is so great that there are almost no tickets for the shows now.

We wish a successful performance to our artists!