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Cripple from Inishmaan Island (Kamchatka Drama and Comedy Theater)

Tragicomedy in 2 acts by Martin McDonagh

Stage Director - Oleg Stepanov

Martin McDonagh is the world-famous Oscar-winning director and playwright, author of the deepest plays and Hollywood scripts. The story of the young man Billy opens a trilogy about the inhabitants of the Aran Islands, which glorified the playwright. Residents of the village on the small island of Inishmaan are surprised to learn that Hollywood producers visited their outback. They will make a film about the Irish province and invite everyone to the screenings. Fate never spoiled Billy's cripple, but this time she smiles at him, and he suddenly leaves for Hollywood. But for some reason, soon leaves the "factory of dreams" without regret. Why he returns to the seemingly god-forgotten island, what he values ​​here, what generally keeps a person in his “small homeland” - you will learn about everything in the play. The viewer will be interested not only in the innermost dreams of a hero who is so similar to us, but also in McDonagh's signature manner, which combines harsh humor and deep lyricism.